Manufactured in Germany, the world renowned Bosch hydronic boiler range is available in Australia through the Bosch Specialised Dealer network. All Bosch condensing hydronic boilers come complete with a self-cleaning Aluminium/ silicone heat cell for prolonged system life, a fully electric safety management and fault diagnostic system, built in expansion vessel and modulating pump. All Bosch condensing boilers are available as internal or external models and are suitable for both Natural / LPG gas.

Bosch Standard Efficiency Boiler:

The Bosch Standard Efficiency Boiler (External only) is a gas fired hydronic boiler with a heat output of 30 Kwatts.

30 Kwatt

Bosch (Condensing) Boiler:

The Bosch 18 (External/Internal) is agas fired condensing boiler with a heat output of 18 Kwatts.

18 Kwatt

Bosch (Condensing) Boiler:

The Bosch 30 (External/Internal) is a gas fired condensing boiler with a heat output of 30 Kwatts.

30 Kwatt

Bosch (Condensing) Combination Boiler:

The Bosch 37 Combination (External/Internal) is a gas fired condensing boiler with a heat output of 30 Kwatts and a domestic hot water flow rate of 21 Litres Per Minute (@25 degree temp rise).

37 Kwatt

High Efficiency Condensing Boilers

Bosch condensing boiler technology is the latest advancement in hydronic boiler efficiency. 

A condensing boiler features a secondary heat exchanger and is designed to recover the heat waste which is usually expelled through the flue. The heat waste is diverted and then utilised as a pre heat system before the water reaches the main heat exchanger. Condensing Boiler Technology is compulsory in most European countries. The Bosch Range of condensing boilers are the most efficient hydronic boilers currently available.